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A very special collaboration between the Girls Who Code organization and one of the greatest singers in the world today, Doja Cat, brings one of the most original initiatives we have seen recently: a special version of a clip of the song Woman that can be “programmed” while watching it.

Use code to swap colors and elements in the clip

While watching the new clip of Doge Cat through the dedicated website, you will jump to basic “programming challenges” every few seconds. For example, you can use CSS (which is not a programming language, but still is) to replace the singer’s giant nail color with different colors; Use JavaScript to “activate Doge’s power” or change the state of the sky on its planet; Finally you can use the python to create a rain of flowers in different colors and sizes. At the end, of course, you will be able to share your work with the rest of the world.

Any change to these commands will change in real time the effect you see on the screen, but unfortunately, will not really affect the continuation of the clip, but mainly a frozen image or an effect that is in a loop in the background. Despite this, it is a very cute concept that allows even users with no background in programming to experience changing values ​​and see their impact in real time. Who knows, maybe watching this “clip” will make young fans want to dip their feet in some real code.

Girls Who Code, is a non-profit organization that aims to equip women and young women with knowledge so that they can choose engineering and computer science professions, thus trying to reduce the gender gap in the high-tech and technology market. The organization operates more than 8,500 programs worldwide. In Israel, there are a number of organizations designed to encourage girls and women into programming professions, including SheCodes and QueenB.