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The drowsy browser war is finally taking an interesting turn, as Microsoft’s browser manages to reach a new peak, and this (relatively still) success comes at the expense of the most powerful player in the world of browsers: Google’s Chrome.

An achievement for Microsoft

According to Statcounter data from November, Microsoft’s Edge browser managed to cross the 4% line for the first time in the browser market worldwide, and now stands at a pretty impressive 4.19%. Already in July, it overtook Firefox, which currently stands at 3.91%, and screwed up to the third and very respectable place among the big browsers. The second place is still populated by Apple with almost 20% of the market thanks to its Safari browser which comes by default on all iOS, iPad OS and macOS devices.

In the first place, as expected, Chrome is still a huge gap from all other competitors with 64.06% of the browser market. Although Google certainly has an almost inconceivable grip on the market and none of the other players are threatening its first place, but according to the data, it is the only major player that is actually in decline. In recent months, Google has managed to reach a peak of 65.27%, and now it is down by more than one percent.

According to Statcounter data, Microsoft actually managed to steal users from Chrome and convert them to Edge, which is a very interesting achievement for the company and its relatively new browser launched in Chrome in January 2020. For comparison, Firefox launched “Firefox Quantum”, the fast version And her last significant one back in 2017, and now she has even lost her place in the big trio.

Achievement full of controversial things

Microsoft manages to achieve its impressive feat not only by being a good browser edge with excellent features that make users switch to it voluntarily, but also through some simple but slightly aggressive interface tricks that quite a few people know: with the move to Windows 11, Microsoft has added a box ” Always use this app ”Once users have requested to switch to make Chrome or any other browser their default, which means that if they do not check it, Edge will remain the default; In addition, it has changed the way Windows 11 treats each of the network file types like HTM versus HTML versus PDF, HTTP and HTTPS, so you will need to change the default for each of them; Microsoft has also blocked apps like EdgeDeflector designed to stop exactly these cases and finally also tried to add new posts in the last week designed to scare users away from installing Chrome (then folded). In short, Microsoft is trying every means at its disposal to prevent you from installing Chrome.