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The Swedish caller identification app Truecaller has over the years become one of the most popular in the world. Now it’s revealing its biggest update lately with some requested features including call recording.

The “Ghost talks” that will save you

One of the newest and most interesting features of the Troculer app is the ability to record calls. Troculer had previously offered the feature to some of the devices, but then it removed it from the app – and now it’s making a comeback and available. The catch here is that you will need to use the Traculer as your dialer, and the recording option will not directly join the dialer of your operating system.

It is important to note that the feature is currently only available on Android devices, and it still does not resolve the inability to record calls on iOS. In an initial test we did, the feature worked well on Samsung devices, but not on OnePlus, probably due to the manufacturer’s built-in block. Did you succeed or did you not succeed in other devices? We have been updated in the comments or in our official group.

If you use a tracker on a daily basis and try to use it to understand who called you and who sent you messages, you know that this is one of the weaknesses of the app – which puts both the calls and the messages in one list and is quite messy. In the new update, Trocular finally puts order and separates the calls and messages into two different tabs in the app, so you can easily distinguish between the messages and the incoming calls – and maybe block that number that sent you spam messages on “quick loan” and hid to this day in your inbound and outgoing calls.

Another feature that came as part of the significant update to Troculer is “Ghost Talks”. This is a feature that will save you the maneuver of “Call me in 15 minutes if I have not yet returned from the Daily” or save you and you from a failed date. The cool feature will allow you to pre-set a call to arrive on your device – when you can set the caller’s name, number and the image that will appear on the screen. You will of course be able to apologize for the urgent call you must take and disappear to the horizon.

The feature, unfortunately, is only available to those who paid for a monthly subscription to Truckler’s premium service, but if you know you need it for a specific case – you might just “experience” a premium subscription for a few days and then cancel it. And speaking of a paid tractor appointment, this is what we thought.

Two other features that added a tractor to the app in its latest update are the ability to record video as your “user image”, so as soon as you call another user he will see on his screen your video waving goodbye (or doing any other action for that matter), and the ability to read aloud Who is calling you – a very convenient feature for this time when you are washing dishes or when you have two hands full of everything else. As in “Ghost Calls”, the caller name feature is also available to premium subscribers only.